Technology Capabilities and Architecture

Technology Capabilities and Architecture

Solutions for a connected world.

Technology is the workhorse that delivers the customer experience and business outcomes you’re accountable for. Our experts start by determining what drives your business and customer experience requirements and then, identifying and implementing the architecture and technologies that deliver the capabilities required to achieve your objectives.

Specific Solutions


At PPT Solutions, digitization isn’t about just converting information to a digital format. We partner with your organization to truly understand the needs of the business and ensure that the processes recommended for digitization actually make it easier for you to access, preserve and share while enhancing your business operations.

Cloud Modernization

Our experts at PPT Solutions take the complexity out of modernizing your infrastructure. We look for solutions that are cost effective while securing a reliable, high performing cloud infrastructure that will scale to meet your business demands.

Contact Center Architectural Assessment and Roadmaps

PPT Solutions sets your organization up for success by helping to develop a vision, strategy and roadmap. The roadmap allows our Clients to define architecture and services needed in the cloud. By understanding your full roadmap, solutions can be developed that truly meet the needs of the organization.

RFP Management

You’ve decided to outsource your call center or change providers, completed the RFP and found a provider you are excited about but you simply don’t have enough arms and legs to get the work done as fast as you’d like? Our team of experts is ready to help you develop the project plan, run the engagement and deliver the transition regardless of geography. PPT Solutions’ experience outsourcing multiple projects around the globe will help ensure you meet your objectives.

Technology Selection and Implementation

PPT Solutions works with our Clients to manage through the ever changing climate of technology innovation. We partner with our Clients to successfully select and implement the right technology at the right time to enable your customer’s experience and optimize your business. Our expertise in the requirements of your business allow us to carefully define requirements in order to achieve maximum return on investment.

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