Contact Center Management

Contact Center Management

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Each interaction deeply influences your customers’ perception of your brand. We help Clients optimize their contact centers through design, development and implementation of strategies and programs that deliver a great customer experience in a cost-effective manner.

Specific Solutions

Sourcing Strategies

To insource or outsource…that is the question. Our team of experts can help you determine the right answer for your organization. The truth is, both models can be successful and the one that is best for you depends on your needs and goals. With decades of experience managing and outsourcing call centers and helping cut through the “noise” around whether to outsource or not, we’ll help your organization gain clarity on both your short and long-term priorities and provide a sound recommendation that factors in cost, customer service goals, and other key factors.

Contact Center Strategic Assessment

Have you ever felt your call center could perform better financially and/or on your KPI’s? Not quite sure how you stack up in the industry or what best practices can be deployed? That’s where we can help. PPT Solutions’ team of experts will conduct a complete review of your operating environment while partnering with your key stakeholders to determine your key priorities. Through this effort, we will develop a benchmark comparison, suggest best practices, and develop a roadmap for your team to achieve your desired outcomes.

Migration Strategies

Are you considering upgrading technology within your business? Your migration strategy can take on very different contexts when considering: the migration of common off-the-shelf (COTS) software from one platform to a larger or smaller similar platform; the migration of data from one database to another; and the migration of a custom-written application from one platform to a different platform and operating environment. PPT Solutions can provide valuable assistance managing through the different inputs, different execution strategies and dissimilar functional outcomes.

Partner and Site Selection

There are many factors to consider when selecting a partner and contact center location. PPT Solutions has extensive industry experience with a proven approach to select a partner and location that meets your business and customer goals. Whether you need someone to develop and manage the RFP process, PMO resources to ensure implementation or a team to develop your short or long-term strategy on location and ownership of those centers, PPT Solutions has the resources to make those processes run smoothly.

Performance Management

Call center metrics can seem very complicated. Our team of experts has spent decades managing both insourced and outsourced operations. Through our experience, we’ll undergo a complete analysis of your specific engagements, key business priorities and help you implement clear and simple metrics that drive business outcomes.

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