Performance Insight and Analytics

Performance Insight and Analytics

Transforming data into better results.

If you’re in business, you’re generating data. But are you using it to optimize performance and compete most effectively? Our experts help you use analytics to transform data-improved decision-making into actionable insights that deliver better results.


Specific Solutions

Operational Dashboards

Dashboards are typically a tool that evolves with the needs of your business. At PPT Solutions, we utilize our experience, knowledge of your business and industry standards to create dashboards that are actionable and well-thought-out. Our team has not only worked within your environment and can provide guidance on what key metrics should be included, but also what displays work optimally and long-term for your company.

Cost and Operations

In today’s landscape most companies are hyper-focused on costs and operations. With the experience PPT Solutions brings to our Clients, we can help your organization establish ways to utilize your existing data to create end-to-end understanding of how actions reduce costs and improve operations. Delivering sustainable improvements and growing the knowledge of your team in order to enhance your business long term.


Benchmarking is typically done as a measurement of the quality of policies, products, programs, strategies, etc., to show a gauge against industry or competitors with similar measures. At PPT Solutions, we utilize not only our own experiences but best in class benchmarking standards that give our Clients a view into areas of opportunities, analysis on performance levels and how to move to the next level.

Contact Center Optimization

Utilize a PPT Solutions team to develop an analysis of your current environment, identify areas of opportunities and partner with your team to develop and implement solutions that will enhance your Customer’s Experience and optimize your business operations. Our analysis will provide you a holistic view of your organization and identify ways to exceed your business goals.

Net Promoter Score®

PPT Solutions has a depth of experience in implementing Net Promoter Score programs across organizations where the Customer Experience matches the customer’s expectations. Our solutions take the entire customer journey into account and work to incorporate the desired behaviors into all customer interactions.

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