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Capitalizing on the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Deliver a Profound Customer Experience

Information is power. We live in an age in which technology is creating amazing new capabilities for businesses to leverage the massive amounts of information Big Data is providing. To remain competitive as data growth continues to explode, companies need to optimize the customer data they are collecting and find additional ways to drive greater enterprise value. To some, the reference to Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures images of futuristic machines in science fiction movies. The reality is that AI is the next evolution of Big Data and Customer Experience. And it’s already here. Whether in the form of a movie recommendation on Netflix, an impromptu product offering on your favorite e-commerce site or a chat with a customer support representative, it shapes our world on a daily basis. AI is proving to be a game-changing solution to providing a more personal and profitable Customer Experience.

AI has been around since 1956, but it’s recent emergence as a consumer services solution has revolutionized Customer Experience. Also known as machine learning, AI allows computers to simulate intelligent behavior and decision-making. Combining this capability with the massive volume of information captured by Big Data allows the context of a customer’s requests and needs to be better analyzed and acted upon. The complex algorithms utilized by AI are constantly learning in real-time. The more information the system is able to process and “learn,” the more accurate the predictive analysis will become over time.

The capabilities of AI are allowing companies to create real-time and personal experiences for all their customers. The most obvious example is when a consumer returns to a company’s e-commerce store to browse for items or make a purchase. Through AI, sites have the capability to provide product recommendations or display products related to a customer’s past purchases or browsing sessions. If the customer abandons items in the shopping cart, the site can remind them via an email message or other touchpoints on social media. AI is making this experience even more personal in real-time as the customer is navigating the site. The technology captures every click as well as the amount of time a cursor hovers over content or a graphic. In fractions of a millisecond, algorithms factor this data, integrate with historical data and offer enhanced personalization in real-time.

AI is also having tremendous influence on Customer Care. While AI service technology can not replace the benefits of human customer care, it will greatly enhance an agent’s ability to service customers. By using historical customer information and fact data from sources such as frequently asked questions, enhanced data bases can be developed serving real-time and more precise solutions. The end result is that AI can instantly and efficiently query an information database and provide agents with instantaneous support that benefits the customer.

Another rapidly emerging Artificial Intelligence-related technology is Virtual Reality. Projections indicate that 50 million households will have virtual reality capabilities in their living rooms by the end of next year. How can Virtual Reality change Customer Experience? Currently, customer care is supported through the phone, chat and email channels. In most instances, contact center agents have difficulty when troubleshooting customer issues through a voice-only interaction. Using Virtual Reality, customer-agent interactions allow the customer to see and do precisely what the agent is resolving. From an online shopping perspective, Virtual Reality will enable customers to experience enhanced three dimensional product demonstrations and hyper-relevant and personalized recommendations in real-time. As more consumers adopt Virtual Reality and integrate it into their day-to-day lives, this new frontier in Artificial Intelligence will serve as a tremendous opportunity for businesses to strengthen customer brand engagement and further enhance their overall Customer Experience.

Ready or not, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and is already making a huge difference in our lives each and every day. It is important that companies understand how incorporating AI within their business strategies can deliver an improved Customer Experience and meet the ever-evolving expectations of consumers. The future is now.

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