The Aging Premises Based Contact Center

The Aging Premises Based Contact Center

Dennis Weikle, PPT Solutions


As legacy contact centers age, many believe the premises-based contact center may soon become extinct. The large clunky equipment of a premises-based infrastructure has typically been in place for many years requiring constant maintenance and upgrades. At a time when multi-location contact centers are more common than single-site operations, managing technology for each physical location can be unwieldy and unreliable. Cloud technology provides multi-dimensional solutions that minimize downtime and maximize ROI with little to no onsite intervention. Understanding the benefits of a cloud migration and its potential to transform the most critical components of an operation can be a major factor in determining if the move is the right one for your organization.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud? The Answer is Clear

Contact center professionals know firsthand how painful the setup process can be when deploying an on-prem infrastructure. Someone more than likely had to be in attendance for a site visit, set up the procurement of the equipment, coordinate the installment, figure out licensing and more. The standard on-prem contact center setup can be complicated and stretch out over several months whereas cloud contact center requirements reduce this lead time by more than 50% with added benefits.

CapEx Savings

  • Pay-as-you-go and only for what you need
  • Eliminate upfront costs and expensive upgrades for your contact center
  • Meet SLA goals with scalable cloud technology

Improved Agent Efficiency

  • Intuitive interface empowers agents to handle customer data across various  channels, resolving inquiries with greater precision
  • Efficient routing matches customers with the most qualified agents for  optimal customer experiences

Greater Scalability

  • On-demand nature of cloud solutions allows for true scalability

Wide Range of Contact Center Operations Solutions

  • Workforce Gamification
  • WFM Optimization
  • Call Recording
  • Speech and Text Analytics
  • Call Distribution and Queue Management

Reduced Costs

  • Cloud solutions are highly cost-efficient and reduce significant  upfront spend
  • Allows contact centers to integrate platforms and lower costs by using a pay-as-you-go consumption model

Enhanced Security

  • Provides companies the flexibility of securing sensitive data in a private cloud  while storing fewer sensitive data in a public cloud at a reduced cost
  • Cloud solutions typically offer stronger disaster recovery functions than  on-premises solutions2

Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • With WFM optimization tools and a companies’ ability to staff skilled agents  around the world 24×7, wait times decrease and customer friction  diminishes
  • Customer engagement preferences are changing with increased interest and  acceptance of digital interactions (AI, Social Media, SMS); cloud solutions  enable companies to streamline the integration of seamless omnichannel  engagement options with more personalized experiences

16–25% Cost Savings

When using the proper pre-migration diligence and benchmarking.3

While the advantages of a cloud contact center are clear, pitfalls may exist leading up to the migration that can impact costs. The key to a successful cloud migration is performing the proper due diligence ahead of deployment. Research has shown that implementing adequate controls before beginning a migration can save 16% to 25% of total migration costs. Without pre-migration benchmarking, cloud migrations can result in parallel environments running far longer than expected. An experienced implementation partner is vital to executing a successful and cost controlled cloud migration.

The harsh reality is legacy contact centers have not aged gracefully, and as time passes, the drawbacks of not migrating to a cloud solution can far outweigh the advantages of an on-prem environment. Reduced agility, lack of business intelligence and limited operational tools will be the fate of companies that do not consider the benefits a cloud solution brings. The end result of an unadaptable legacy infrastructure is often a poor customer experience which can be devastating to a business as customers’ preferences change. The right cloud migration will provide a robust set of solutions that will optimize an IT ecosystem and enhance the overall customer experience at any stage of the customer engagement lifecycle.

“Brands are paying closer attention to customer contact preferences and how they drive satisfaction. A cloud-based environment offers a diverse and substantial suite of tools that enables contact center operations to adapt at a pace that was unimaginable just a decade ago.”

Dennis Weikle
Founder and Managing Director

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We're here to help.

Simply provide your email address and we’ll share periodic insightful articles and case studies. We’d also welcome the opportunity to learn more about your specific Customer Experience and business needs.