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About PPT Solutions

About PPT Solutions

One passion. To help you succeed.

PPT Solutions is a premier provider of Client-centric, performance-based Customer Experience and Business Optimization Solutions. Whether a Fortune 50 company or an emerging small business, we passionately deliver a broad range of people, process and technology solutions customized to increase customer advocacy, enhance revenue and optimize operational efficiency.

With over 100 years of combined experience and an extensive portfolio of Management Consulting, Professional Services and Partnership Solutions capabilities, we understand your pressures and the importance of not just getting things done, but driving performance and getting results. After all, we’ve walked in your shoes and experienced many of the same challenges you encounter every day. It’s this unique perspective that fuels a commitment beyond that of a traditional consultant relationship. It’s our culture and mission to pay our experience forward, ensuring our Client’s success through innovative, proven and sustainable solutions, backed by a leadership team that understands how to bring your company’s vision to life.

We also understand that genuine connections and experiences are based on trust, integrity and personally understanding your needs and that of your customers. It’s about working hard, following through and sharing a mutual commitment for success. Most importantly, it’s about being there for our Clients when they most need us and their trusted go-to resource for customer experience optimization, advanced insights, adaptive business processes and innovative growth strategies.

Experience Highlights:

  • Direct, hands-on experience managing and outsourcing multiple call centers from small to large organizations.
  • Over six decades of combined experience both running and transforming call center operations leading to best-in-class results and bottom-line impacts.
  • A demonstrated focus singularly focused on end-to-end call center logistics ranging from Operations, your Call Center Team and your Customer’s Experience.

PPT Solutions empowers our Clients with transformational business solutions that deliver exceptional performance, outstanding customer experiences and measurable results.

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